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"Steal a little and they throw you in jail - Steal a lot and they call you King."

-Bob Dylan

Original Stonewall County Courthouse
THE SCALES OF JUSTICE ARE BROKEN Current Stonewall County Courthouse

The opinions expressed herein are the opinions of Jackie Keenan.

This is a novel and important case with wide public interest. Every citizen in America who has substantial family assets to be passed down to their children is at risk and is subject to criminal behavior. The behavior exercised in this case must be confronted and prosecuted by the criminal justice system. Citizens right to an impartial judge are tantamount; otherwise you are at risk and subject to Official Oppression. The massive amount of evidence collected and presented here is shocking. To believe such a crime could occur in front of judges who repeatedly averted their eyes is a crime by itself and should be dealt with harshly.

There was a lot of corruption that occurred in order for a man to lose his family's 8000 acre ranch in Stonewall County, TX. I have decided to let the evidence speak for itself and let you the reader come to your own conclusions as to what happened. You be the judge.

I ask that you review the evidence as if you were the judge.

You will probably have a million questions as to how could this have happened?

Me too, but it did happen and at the end of the day Bob Denison and his family lost the bulk of their ranch and lands which was not only the land in Stonewall County, TX, but highly valued land in Williamson County, TX, located right on the South San Gabriel River, mineral interests, cattle, oil, hunting and fishing, farming, antiques, household items and income. It all disappeared through the acts of Stonewall County Constable John Denison who embezzled the majority of the assets. The Estate's attorney, Isaac Castro breached his fiduciary duty and defended John's actions of misappropriations. Castro was never paid a dime by the Estate for a minimum of 5 years. That's a pretty big elephant in the living room. If anyone has ever hired a lawyer you learn lawyers want their money up front not years later.

In 2000, After 5 years as attorney for the Estate of Ida Baldwin Denison, Castro was paid $5000 for his role in concealing and participating in the sale of the Williamson County land, an asset that had far more value than what the sale brought in. Mr. Castro concealed the sale from Bob and his attorneys telling them he knew nothing about the sale and that "some lawyer in Taylor, TX was handling it." Later it was discovered, Castro was the one who actually drafted the sales contract and negotiated with his client Hamlin National Bank who used the contract as an assignment for a loan, in order for John to pay for delinquent property taxes with more borrowed funds after falsely reporting he had already paid the taxes.

With no accounting and no transparency, all this activity was kept concealed from Bob and his lawyers. Despite substantial royalty income daily pouring into the estate Castro was paid no more money again until September 2001 and received $2000 due to a court order by Judge Connally. In July 2001 Judge Connally issued an injunction to stop John from stealing. Connally told the Courtroom, "They have proven self dealing". The judge went further and said "Tell your client to stop stealing. You know he wants an accounting. He's entitled to an accounting. Give him an accounting". Despite those instructions from the Judge, Attorney Castro and John Denison not only continued to evade the accounting, they stepped up the speed to which the assets were liquidated in total disregard for the court and the law and in the end Connally recused himself and the new judge gave them a pass and the river of corruption continued to flow.

This crime began with the role of Stonewall County Judge Bobby McGough who repeatedly refused to allow Bob the benefit of a probate Judge. McGough put his arm around Bob's shoulder and told him, "I did it to save the county money." A probate judge would never have allowed the antics performed by attorney Isaac Castro. That is why it was critical to all of those who benefitted in having Bob lose his ranch for the case to remain in District Court where so many people could control the judges who sat on the bench. What you are about to see is a steady Stream of Corruption.

From February 1999 to 2010 Bob went to Court every time believing justice would prevail and that with each trip "this time" the judge would do the right thing and stop the corruption. Though Bob fought valiantly to save his family's ranch, corruption by attorneys, improper actions by banks, actions of elected officials, appointed officials, and a title insurance company owned by the largest Title Insurance company conglomerate in the United States won the day. In addition, he lost his credit, was forced to file bankruptcy, his home was foreclosed on, he and his wife's savings disappeared. Mysterious activities occurred in his real estate business during critical times in the case, causing great harm. By November 2010 there was a Stonewall County Sheriff's sale in which the bulk of the remainder of his ranch was sold at auction for pennies on the dollar of its true value, including mineral interests.

Corruption did not rest in this case. It involved the most powerful people in Texas. With such corruption by so many the line between right and wrong was deliberately blurred by employing every trick in the book, using color of office to intimidate, smoke and mirror tactics to cover up, and the power of the Courts to make what was unclean, clean, by making virtually every act justifiable.

How could this have happened? This is a work in progress so feel free to visit regularly and watch as to how it unfolds.

Signed Jackie Keenan, Wife of Bob Denison



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