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ETHEL BALDWIN, WIFE OF M.A. BALDWIN married Jan. 23,1924, McLennan County, TX (see attached) (ADD PDF OF MARRIAGE CERT)
The readers should be reminded that Bob Denison had no money. John had control of all the estate monies. The act John Denison committed when he caused Bob’s Aspermont house to be foreclosed on set into motion ruined credit for Bob. Less than $3000 was owed on a property that Ida Denison had been making the payments on for 20 years. She used the house for tax purposes as a rental. It was a deliberate act by John Denison to ruin Bob's credit. The State of Texas was experiencing their 2nd real estate recession, properties were being foreclosed on. But the Aspermont house should never have been subjected to that. Bob's profession as Realtor came to a halt. He had lost his home in '97 in a divorce. Fortunately he became close with me as fellow Realtors. We were friends. When he lost his home to his ex-wife, Bob moved into a rural motel in Stamford, TX so that he could be closer to his parents in Old Glory.

By May '97 Billy Wayne Denison, Bob's step father died during day surgery for repair on his vocal cords that had been damaged when he choked on some food at a local restaurant. Billy Wayne could barely speak above a whisper. Billy Wayne was 68 years old.

Strong evidence proved that Ida Denison was addicted to prescription drugs and was under psychiatric care. She had not driven for 15 years prior 1997. Billy Wayne and she had doctors scattered around that would prescribe prescription drugs for her. After Billy Wayne died John Denison immediately took it upon himself to become her caretaker, managed to get her will that was identical to Billy Wayne's in which Bob and John were named Co-executors changed to John Denison as the executor and Bob's half put in trust to be managed by John Denison.

Because Billy Wayne ran the ranch so poorly it was hard for Bob to stand by and watch him refuse to sell very, very old cattle. Bob told how many of the older cows were toothless. They were unable to eat well and would keel over and die. Bob finally managed to convince Billy Wayne to purchase some new seed cattle in 1996 and he put Billy Wayne in touch with a gentleman that had some cattle to sell. Bob was close to getting his degree in Agriculture and had completed a year long course in Ranch Management at Texas Christian University, his mother’s and grandfather’s alma mater. See attached

It was this herd that John Denison secreted away, kept concealed from the bank and kept for himself.

In order to justify John's treatment of Bob and to explain how he managed to get the will changed, John began to tell people in the community that Bob had killed their parents. It was a method that John and Castro used repeatedly over the years. They had Sheriff Mullen attend all the hearings as an 'officer on duty'. When John sold the ranch at auction (wink wink) to Boone Pickens unbeknownst to Bob who was not present at the sale, because he didn't KNOW about the sale, John had security guards present. All done as a ruse to create the illusion Bob was violent. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Castro knew it, John knew it, Bobby McGough knew it and Sheriff Bill Mullen knew it, but together they wove a tale of deception, all in the name of greed.

Billy Wayne was Bob's step father. Bob 'came with the package' when Billy Wayne married Ida. Billy Wayne often bragged, "You can marry more in five minutes than you can earn in a life time" Billy Wayne resented Bob's relationship with Ida's father 'M.A. Fuzz Baldwin' the man who had made the ranch what it was. A man who was well respected in the community and was in the Sports Hall of Fame at TCU. Bob was groomed from birth by both Fuzz and his wife Ethel Baldwin to be a cattleman. John was Billy Wayne’s son, Bob was Fuzz Baldwin's grandson. Bob and Fuzz were very close and Billy Wayne and John Denison both resented this relationship. Billy Wayne met with Isaac Castro to set into motion the making of Bob Denison as a trustee and not as a co executor. This is my opinion, Jackie Keenan

When Ida passed away, Johnny immediately replaced the ranch's attorney Charles Brownfield with Isaac Castro and they were off and running.





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