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After Boone Pickens came in and purchased the family's ranch land through fraud committed by the administrator of the estate and the estate's attorney, after he transfers the land to multiple parties in order to distance himself from the fray of controversy, after he fights Bob in Bob's bankruptcy case, he decides he doesn't want to do the wind.  But the havoc he wreaked was as though a tornado blasted through Bob's inheritance causing him to lose his entire family ranch, all attributed to Greed and corruption.

T. Boone Pickens Ditches Wind Power


Pickens was one of the bad guys in a 1992 book Den of Thieves where he was derided as a "corporate raider" and named by one reviewer as one of "the main players behind why the 1980's were characterized as the 'decade of greed.'"  The offense back then--n addition to selling oil--was his penchant for "hostile takeovers."

Perversely, his recent shift--from selling stuff (such as oil) that people want to buy, to selling stuff (like gas cars and wind power) that people buy only when it's subsidized or mandated--has elevated Pickens' reputation from greedy capitalist to world-saver.



US farmers fear the return of the Dust Bowl




It may be important to visit the Fraudulent Transfer of Land page prior to viewing this page for a better comprehension of the sequence of events and the role of Boone Pickens and his agents, Ron Bassett, Sandy Campbell, and others.

Boone Pickens was the buyer of Bob Denison's family ranch of 6,200 acres.  It is believed he and/or his agents were aware of the property for years prior to the purchase of it.  Pickens himself has said as far back as 2001, 3 years before he purchased the estate and "I have a team with a world of experience...Ron Bassett has been with me 30 years". 

IRS fraud was committed to allow Pickens to purchase this property.  Refer to that page for details on how that came about.  Consolidated Abstract, agent for Alamo Title Insurance Company played a role in that act under the tutelage of attorney Isaac Castro.  Boone Pickens could not have purchased this property without the help of all these entities.  Sandy Campbell, Pickens attorney in the matter, monitored and over saw the entire act, making suggestions here and there.

Isaac Castro's art of Smoke and Mirrors tactics manipulated the Sales Contract, the Alamo Title Insurance Agent, and was the author of the Warranty Deed conveying the property to Pickens, but recall Pickens grew up in a Land Title Abstract office and writes fondly of it in his many books about himself.  He spoke of the town he grew up in Holdenville, Oklahoma.  Holdenville was probably a great deal like Aspermont, TX where he said existed, "the frailty of human nature and some gossip that turned malicious…"  As in most towns, there were few secrets.  That helped create a sense of community that bound the townspeople".   Pickens and his people relied on these features to help him acquire property.  There were a lot of people who lusted for the assets of the Baldwin-Denison ranch.  The West Ranch had a ridge on it that ran the length of the land, perfect for a Wind Farm.

The USDA office in Aspermont's former man, Donald Cradduck (see cast of characters) became the owner of a half section of Estate lands, purchasing it directly from Boone Pickens.  What role did Mr. Cradduck play in the acquisition of the ranch by Boone Pickens?  Mr. and Mrs. Cradduck attended every hearing and most of the depositions.  They knew what was happening was wrong, but instead they became passive players acting as benefactors, sat and watched as Bob Denison was forced to hear falsehoods and misrepresentations spoken by the perpetrators of the crime of embezzling and acts of fraudulent transfer, promoting the Cradducks as victims. 

After Pickens acquired the property he too played a role in causing great harm to Bob Denison.



Consolidated Abstract was operating on the instructions to get this closed as quickly as possible to avoid Bob Denison learning about this transaction.  The IRS tax lien slowed it up, but none the less preparation was to get this closed ASAP.  This title company has an enormous long running reputation to take forever to close transactions.  But they waited ready at the helm to do bidding of all the players involved in concealing this fraudulent transfer to Boone Pickens based on information and belief, signed Jackie Keenan








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