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Definition of Conspiracy: In order to establish a conspiracy offense it is not necessary for the Government to prove that all of the people named in the indictment were members of the scheme; or that those who were members had entered into any formal type of agreement; or that the members had planned together all of the details of the scheme or the 'overt acts' that the indictment charges would be carried out in an effort to commit the intended crime.


BILL MOYERS ONCE SAID, "Secrecy is the freedom zealots dream of: No watchman to check the door, no accountant to check the books, no judge to check the law."

"Everybody knows that the dice are loaded. Everybody knows the good guys lost. Everybody knows the fight was fixed. Everybody knows the captain lied." - Sharon Robinson








4848 Aspermont, LTD

Alamo Title Insurance Company, owned by Chicago Title/Fidelity National Financial, the Nation's Largest Title Insurance company in the Nation


Can a title company be held liable for aiding and abetting people who have openly committed a crime whereby the courts repeatedly looked the other way? After having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending the theft of his inheritance and after they had Bob's attorney arrested on the court house steps, Bob was forced to go it alone, to act pro se.  His attorney was not willing to put himself in that kind of continued jeopardy.  Bob had been run out of money and could no longer afford to pay him. see attached











On November 2, 2010 Alamo Title, through the Jackson Walker Law firm caused the remaining 1240 acres to be sold on the Courthouse steps by the Sheriff of Stonewall County.   Approximately $250,000 went to Isaac Castro, Hamlin National Bank and John Denison.  $500,000 went to Alamo Title's hired guns.  

When the sheriff's sale was over, all that remained was the original Stonewall County Courthouse that was used as a prototype for the ranch house in the movie Giant and 265 acres in Old Glory, Stonewall County, TX

Out of Ida Denison's two sons, Bob Denison devoted his life to becoming what his grand father, Fuzz Baldwin wanted and that was to be a rancher. He went to college to study agriculture, to TCU for their highly acclaimed Ranch Management Programs. Under mysterious circumstances a new deathbed will turned up making John Denison executor of the entire estate with Bob's half in Trust to be managed by brother John. Through false portrayals of Bob they conspired to justify their acts for the sake of greed and corruption. Within a short period of time, with the help of Stonewall County Judge Bobby McGough who denied Bobís repeated requests for a probate judge, attorney Isaac M. Castro who represented the Bank and the Estate, John let it all melt through his fingers. All the while, blaming Bob for the loss. Itís a sad day when corruption supersedes honesty and integrity, employing the color of office to commit their dastardly deeds.

Bob Denison's 5 generation family Trust's land originally consisted of 8,000 acres of ranch land.  Through the provable fraudulent transfer of 6,200 acres to Boone Pickens, who repeatedly flipped the property, with Alamo Title Insurance Company insuring around the title transfers knowingly, yet failed to disclose the lawsuit regarding the fraud committed by John Denison, aided and abetted by attorney Isaac M. Castro to the new buyers.  Boone Pickens, Castro and Alamo Title KNEW a judgment had been thrown out by the Eastland Court of Appeals. Strong evidence supports that as soon as the decision from the Court of Appeals came down Pickens tossed the sale to another, who tossed it to another, and to another and to another and to another. ( In my opinion, signed Jackie Keenan)

It is a shame a corporate institution can employ a Texas legacy like "The Alamo", where heroes died FOR Texas. They named their business Alamo Title Insurance Co.  They had no problem ganging up on a legitimate beneficiary of a substantial West Texas Cattle Ranch,  aiding and abetting on the side of corruption,  in the interest of protecting their errant decision (straying from the right course or accepted standards) to insure property that was fraudulently transferred. (See letter they sent to Boone Pickens attorney).

Alamo Title owned by Chicago Title and Fidelity Title, had the ability to do what they did to Bob Denison because of their size and the muscle of money.  Chicago Title out of Chicago and Fidelity National out of Florida did most of the shot calling. Sure, they have a main office in San Antonio, how do you think they came up with a name like Alamo Title? I was told it was Chicago who refused to negotiate with Bob to stop the sale of the remaining 1240 acres of his family's ranch.  These corporate institutions were highly aware of the harm they caused in order to protect the insuring of millions of dollars in commitments on land that was procured fraudulently.  It was Chicago who decided to press forward and put the screws to Bob with no compassion displayed whatsoever, all in my opinion. 

Beware America. "This may not strike you as a matter of immediate personal interest", as Molly Ivans once said.    Constitutional rights are being trampled right before our very eyes. What happened to Bob Denison, who lost his family's ranch due to corruption and greed is a violation of his civil rights, committed by elected officials, by officers of the court, by bankers, lawyers, judges and the monopoly sized title company in the nation. 

In a comparable context, effective albeit somewhat harsh, I quote, Pastor Martin Niemoller who was speaking of Hitler when they started locking people up. "First they came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.  Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.  Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was Protestant. Then they came for me but by that time there was no one left to speak for me." 

One can use the same analogy in this way: "first they came for Bob Denison's land, and I didn't speak up because it wasn't my land.  Then they came for the people in the Texas Panhandle and their water rights, and I wasn't worried because it wasn't my land and my water rights, and then they came for mine, but by that time there was no one left to speak for me." 

America's lands are being sucked up by the greed of powerful people who, if they want YOUR property they will have it.  Know that.  Do a little research on Boone Pickens and Texas.  Check out what is happening in the Texas Panhandle, another area of extreme remoteness. It is shocking what he and his cronies are getting away with up there, in my opinion.  Signed Jackie Keenan



Norman Arnett, City of Aspermont

John M. Bailey, Attorney

M. A. Baldwin (Fuzz), original owner of Baldwin Ranch

M.A. Baldwin (Fuzz) front row left.





M.A. Baldwin (Fuzz) inducted into TCU Hall of Fame.




ETHEL BALDWIN, WIFE OF M.A. BALDWIN married Jan. 23,1924, McLennan County, TX (see attached)




Ron Bassett, partner and POA for Boone Pickens

Alan Beard, Rule, TX Police Dept

Steven Bird (BD's First Attorney), Childress

Beadles, Newman, & Lawler Law Firm

Brooks Real Estate, Stephenville, TX

Charles Brownfield (original Attorney for Estate)

Sandy Campbell (attorney for Boone Pickens)

Isaac M. Castro, (Attorney for Estate, JD, and Hamlin National Bank), Davis Chapman was District Judge Charles Chapman/s son. Isaac Castro manipulated to get this case out of Judge Chapman's hands by hiring Judge Chapman's son as ad litem for Bob's children. Davis promptly passed the ball to Attorney John M. Bailey, who passed the ball to Attorney Frank Stamey who then passed the ball to Attorney Mark Zachary.


Davis Chapman, Attorney

Hanes Chatham

Chicago Title Co, Chicago



A straw man is an individual who acts as a conduit for convenience in holding and transferring title to the property involved. For example, such a person might act as an agent for another in order to take title to real property and execute whatever documents and instruments the principal directs with respect to the transaction.

One who purchases property that is, in turn, Conveyed to another for the purpose of concealing the identity of the eventual purchaser.

George Childs and Haynes Chathum

This man was used during the conveyance of 4800 acres of the Ranch property after Pickens conveyed to Walker.  Within months Walker entered into contract with George Childs, a man who had been in bankruptcy just prior to entering into contract. See attached

Childs then sold his contract to 4848 Aspermont, LTD who became the purchasers of the remainder of the ranch in December 2006.

Who was George Childs?  In 2008 4848 Aspermont, LTD sued Boone Pickens, Hamlin National Bank, Isaac Castro, Middleton Real Estate Brokers out of Lubbock and others.  According to the Amended Original Petition by 4848 filed in Dallas represented by Attorney Bob Holmes is this statement.  "A few months later, using Middletons as brokers Walker contracted to sell the 4848 Ranch to 4848 Aspermont for a profit of approximately $500,000 to George Childs.  Middletons had knowledge of the existence of the encumbrance created by the Lis Penden; however Middleton's concealed that information from Childs, and the brokers representing Childs in the transaction.  Subsequently Childs assigned his contract to 4848 AspermontÖÖÖ.. 

George Childs teamed up with Haynes Chathum whose name was fully concealed during the transaction.  When the sale closed Chatham and Childs put $25,000 each into their pockets for their role in the conveyance to 4848 Aspermont, LTD from Walker, in my opinion and based on information and believe, Jackie Keenan

Consolidated Abstract, Aspermont, TX

Donald Cradduck, in 1976 became the Stonewall County supervisor of the Farmers Home Administration office.  Prior to his retirement just before Pickens closed on the West Ranch, Cradduck was in charge of all the surrounding counties of Stonewall, Fisher, Curry and Kent, having full knowledge of all the types of grants and loan programs available to purchasers like Pickens, now known as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

As a USDA official, he was in a knowledgeable and unique position, with access to information about government loan programs in Stonewall County and how Pickens could procure applicable grants. It is believed Pickens and or is people were in touch with Cradduck to keep them apprised of the status of grants and condition of the Baldwin West Ranch, owned by the Estate and the lawsuit.  Cradduck was the perfect candidate for Pickens and his people to utilize as an insider.  Shortly after Pickens acquired the land, Cradducks became the owners of over a half section of land located right on the main highway outside Aspermont, a prime piece of real estate.  

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36 

Judy Cradduck, Aspermont, TX

Donald Cradduck and Judy, his wife a retired local schoolmarm, sat at every local hearing including local depositions. They were passive players acting as harmed benefactors as they sat and watched Bob Denison destroyed by falsehoods and misrepresentations, all in the interest of greed.  All that was lacking was a bowl of Popcorn and a soda.


Crockett National Bank, San Angelo, TX

Banker Todd E. Huckabee, President and CEO





Bobby Marshall Denison (First Born son)

Message from Jackie Keenan: This photo was found abandoned by John Denison after he and his family vacated the ranch house. John absconded with ALL the family photos and I am grateful to have been able to salvage this one. Pardon my sentimentality. Bob lost EVERYTHING we even treasure the old photographs.


John Wayne Denison and wife Sonia

This photo was found abandoned at the Ranch house after John and family moved out. I present this photo because it is important to put faces to those who have perpetrated such a crime against my husband. Signed Jackie Keenan




David Dickerson, son of Dorothy and part owner of Consolidated Abstract
Also owns Big Country Title in Abilene, TX

Dorothy Dickerson, Owner of Consolidated Abstract

Steve Evans, Evans Insurance, Hamlin, TX

James Eidsen, District Attorney for Taylor Co

Fidelity Title

Figary and Davenport, Layne Walker, may have been paid for by Alamo Title

First National Bank of Aspermont

Gary Ford, Hamlin National Bank

Mike Fouts, June 2010 the district attorney in Haskell County, was named the Prosecutor of the Year by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) at the group's March convention in Fort Worth. Fouts had been involved in the recovery or restitution of nearly a half million dollars worth of assets and 68 years of incarceration or probated sentences in cattle theft cases. "He understands that ag producers are the core of West Texas," Horwood said, "and he takes his responsibility to protect those people seriously."

One can only hope Mr. Fouts will take the crime committed in Stonewall County by John Denison and Isaac M. Castro seriously and indict any and all people who embezzled and aided and abetted in the theft of a man's family ranch. Signed Jackie Keenan

Fulbright & Jaworski Law Firm, Represented Alamo Title

George Gilkerson, First Appeal Attorney for Bob

Glenn A. Gehan, Builder

Dusty Glass, once Co-Owner of Texas Star Real Estate was the listing agent who participated in the sale of the Ida Baldwin Denison Ranch to Boone Pickens. According to records found on the internet he is a broker associate with Mossy Oak Properties in Cranfills Gap, TX




Dwight Griggs, Officer of Hamlin National Bank

Melvin Hammitt, Stephensville (4848 Aspermont, LTD)

Hamlin National Bank, Hamlin, TX

Sonny Hart, First National Bank of Aspermont

Dr. Robert Dyson Healing

Robert Holmes, Attorney for 4848 Aspermont, LTD


Locke, Lord and Bissell, represented Boone Pickens

Stacey Meador, Title agent for Consolidated Abstract

Jackson Walker Law Firm, Ft. Worth, TX

Gary Johnson, Texas Highway Patrolman

Cindy Johnson, Wife of Gary


Robert Kaminski, 5th Attorney for BD (Austin)


Kruse International, Indiana

Because of the lucrative divisions that auctioned real estate and oil field equipment, Kruse International was sold to Ebay for $275 million in 1999 but was purchased back by Dean Kruse in 2002. In 2004 Kruse International conducted the bank forced auction that sold the Estate's 6200 acres to Boone Pickens. Kruse was paid not only an auction commission but also a real estate commission and a buyer's premium.

State strips Kruse of auction licenses
The Indiana Auctioneer Commission has permanently revoked the license of Kruse Inc. 2010. Kruse was handed down some of the state's stiffest penalties. Kruse had been called before the Commission on 70 counts. 2009 Dean Kruse crossed the line to Tennessee and Arizona. According to reports, the Secret Service are investigating him.




Joyce Lindauer, BD bankruptcy Attorney (Dallas, TX)

Bobby McGough, Stonewall County Judge Despite Bob Denison's plea for help from the Justice Dept, the FBI, the News Media all fell on deaf ears. I have learned recently that it was Bobby McGough that would talk to inquiring entities and tell them that "Bob was not wired right", "that the ranch was John Denison's and Bob was just causing trouble for John". The evidence presented on this site shouts otherwise, but it is important to note that if not for Bobby McGough's role in thwarting Bob's efforts to regain his inheritance, Bob probably could have accomplished it. What was McGough's motive? Many of the people involved were under McGough's leadership in his role as County Judge. He took his orders from Isaac Castro and others who had interests that were behind closed doors.

The County Of Stonewall needs to take a serious look at who is running their county. We have observed way too much wrong doing for the citizens to sit back and do nothing. Today Bob Denison's inheritance was taken from him generated by actions beginning with Bobby McGough. Who's next?






No Manís Friend

My name is Gossip. Even though I am a judge, I have no respect for justice. I maim without killing. I break hearts and ruin lives. I am cunning and malicious and gather strength with age. The more I am quoted, the more I am believed. My victims are helpless. They cannot protect themselves against me. Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same.

False stories came out of the Stonewall County Courthouse as a direct result of gossip generated by John Denison, Bobby McGough, Isaac Castro and others who spread out and out lies, falsehoods and distortions of truth about Bob Denison that contributed to Bobís loss of his inheritance, a beneficiary that had to rely on the integrity of these people and they failed miserably.


Middleton Real Estate, Lubbock, TX


Joe Nagy, Attorney from Lubbock who was the mediator in both mediations.  At the last mediation told Bob that the historical Rayner Courthouse would be valued poorly by the commissioners appointed by the judge if he did not make a decision.  He called it an old rock house on the prairie.






Patrick H. Pace




Phillip Pearson

Joe Perez, 18 year ranch hand

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas  Rick Perry will RUN for President.

That has been the plan all along.  Why did Kay Bailey Hutchison step down as his opponent in the governor's race?  Could it be a deal was cut that if Rick resigns as Governor of Texas that she will be appointed to step into his shoes as Governor?  Makes sense.

The Karl Rove strategies are in place.  Let all the comedic contenders make a mess of the Republican nominations and Rick Perry will, at the last minute, come riding in on a white horse to save the day...Here he comes...he's on his way...

Perry's 2 largest contributors are Bob Perry (builder).  Refer to his lovely bio.  Then know that Harold Simmons, Boone Pickens BFF (Best friends forever) is the 2nd largest contributor.  Who is Harold Simmons?  Why, among other things he is the man who owns the company that is storing hazardous waste in Texas near Andrews, TX. 

Harold Simmons is the man who developed the acquisition concept known as the leveraged buyout in the banking business. According to Wikipedia "As of 2006 he controlled 5 public companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange: NL Industries; Titanium Metals Corporation, the world's largest producer of titanium; Valhi, Inc., a multinational company with operations in the chemicals, component products, waste management, and titanium metals industries; Comp X International, manufacturer of ergonomic products, and Kronos Worldwide, leading producer and marketer of titanium dioxide. According to Forbes, his net worth was about $5.7 billion in 2011."

Two of Harold Simmons' companies - Southwest Louisiana Land which he owns and Dixie Rice Agricultural Corp in which he is a major investor - were each $1 million donors to the American Crossroads, a 527 organization working to elect primarily Republican legislators during the 2010 midterm elections.  NL Industries, originally named National Lead Industries, Inc. has been involved in numerous lawsuits brought by the U.S. Department of Justice to force the company to pay funds into the Superfund to clean up contaminated sites at various sites around the country such as Granite City, Illinois, and Depew, New York.

More on Simmons and Toxic waste in America:

In many instances, Simmons funneled campaign contributions to the same politicians on the same day from multiple Simmons-controlled PACs, companies, relatives and employees. Simmons acknowledged that he'd given hundreds of thousands of dollars in his daughters' names without their knowledge, but said he had the right to because as the head of the family trust fund, the business policies promoted by his political contributions would benefit his daughters financially. Simmons ultimately paid his two daughters $50 million each to settle the lawsuit.

"If you don't have a seat at the table you may be on the menu," said Texas State Representative Aaron Pena, a lawmaker who dumped the Democratic Party and jumped to the GOP. Governor Rick Perry office has said in the past that 'You have to play to stay".
Perry Donors

This is not about whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, it is about integrity, not power and doing the bidding for big business rather than supporting the interests of the people. Jackie Keenan



Bob Perry, Texas Home builder (not related to Rick Perry)



Public Integrity Unit (Austin, TX)


T. Boone Pickens


"Steal a little and they throw you in jail - Steal a lot and they call you King" - Bob Dylan

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36



Randy Price, Attorney and representative for Chicago Title

Panian & Mash

Edgar Phillips, CPA Abilene, TX

Paul Raddich, Andrews Kurth, LLP Attorney focuses his practice on counseling governmental entities regarding litigation challenges that occur in the public sector. Specifically, Paul handles disputes involving voting rights, civil rights, contract disputes, tort litigation, election contests, annexation and municipal incorporation, and land-use disputes.

He has experience in eminent domain matters, including the condemnation of property for pipelines, telecommunications facilities, and transmission lines.

Rodgers & Rodgers, CPA Hamlin, TX

William R. Rose (4848 Aspermont, LTD) Bill Rose, 50% partner with Melvin Hammitt in the 4848 Aspermont, LTD the entity who purchased the remaining 4800 acres through suspicious circumstances involving straw men.  Bill Rose had partnerships and joint ventures all over Texas and had defaulted on many of them, yet he only filed bankruptcy for 4848 Aspermont, LTD.  Mr Hammitt disappeared and Bill Rose became the voice for 4848 Aspermont, telling people that Bob was crazy and that he bought the property fair and square.  Oddly enough those were the exact words that Ron Bassett used when I spoke to him about his personal role in acting in behalf of Boone Pickens.  They all knew there was a legal lis pendens yet they all rolled right over it as though it did not exist.  Fraudulent transfer of the land took place repeatedly, and the law was fully brushed aside. 

It has been rumored that Glen Gehan purchased some lots that were in default from Bill Rose in order to provide Bill with seed money to pay for some of the bankruptcy expenses.

Bill and his bankruptcy attorney aggressively fought Bob in bankruptcy court.  Bob had no money and the bankruptcy court ate him alive.  Bill Rose's bankruptcy battle against Bob was further bankrolled by the title companies yet again (in my opinion, Jackie Keenan). 

Bill Rose was in debt on many other properties that were NOT a part of the bankruptcy.  He was in a joint venture with Craig Glendenning and negligent in his responsibility in that venture.  Bill knew Mr. Glendenning was working on some wind projects and persuaded him to buy the 4800 Acres during the bankruptcy, drafting the sales contract for the buyer.  While the bankruptcy was in full motion they introduced this purchase contract from Choctaw Maiden, newly formed LLC to the Bankruptcy Judge.

Bill Rose's attorneys convinced the judge the contract was a solid one despite having only put up $100.00 earnest money. Once they got Bob out of the picture, Melvin Hammitt the now silent partner of 4848 Aspermont and who had all but disappeared during the 4848 Bankruptcy period sold the land to another corporation in Boerne, TX . All transactions should be investigated. There are way too many clandestine characters throughout these transactions and most certainly were never transparent. 

Don Glendenning is Craig Glendenning's brother and an attorney. Don is a partner with Locke, Lord and Bissell, the same law firm that represented Boone Pickens and fought Bob when Bob was forced to file bankruptcy. The world grows smaller and smaller.


Charles Self, 4th Attorney for BD (Abilene, TX)


There are too many suspicious circumstances in every step made by everyone surrounding this case.  As a point of interest it turned out Charles Self's firm employed Cynthia Rucker, 7th Administrative District Judge Dean Rucker daughter.  Mr. Self became evasive once we began working on important questions to ask of Edgar Phillips in preparation for his deposition through Charles Self and two weeks before the hearing he resigned as Bob's attorney.  Signed:  Jackie Keenan


Suzie Shay, Attorney (BD's 2nd Attorney)

VANCE STANTON, DALLAS ATTORNEY TYPE OF PRACTICE: Civil Trial Law and Appellate Practice for 44 years; federal tax litigation, commercial litigation, fiduciary duty disputes, contracts, collections, title company litigation, and civil appeals and mandamus actions, and Adverse depositions

Frank Stamey, Attorney/

Stonewall County Tax and Appraisal office

Texas Center for the Judiciary - It is commonly known (the proverbial elephant in the living room) that the justice system in Texas is broken. Does it begin here?

A serious investigation into this organization is critical if Texas and indeed America are to realize genuine justice. This is a secretive organization, secret to anyone investigating. We have been told they do not have to divulge any information because they are a non profit organization.

The College for New Judges is a special judicial education program offered each year by the Texas Center. Funded in part by a grant from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The Rules of Judicial Education, published by the Court of Criminal Appeals, mandates that each judge complete at least 30 hours of continuing judicial education (CJE) within his/her first year on the bench.

The College for New Judges is a unique program offered only through the Texas Center for the Judiciary, and is considered a model for similar programs in other states.

As a nonprofit entity, the Texas Center for the Judiciary relies in part on the financial support of the Texas judiciary

They are the primary provider of specialized judicial education and training for Texas appellate, district, and county court-at-law judges.

Mari Kay Bickett, was the Former Executive Director. It seemed once we started making inquiries to the Commission on Judicial Conduct on this organization, she resigned shortly thereafter. Coincidence?

TX Commission for Judicial Conduct

Texas Star Real Estate

Lamar Treadwell, New Mexico 6th attorney for BD

Jim Ward, Stonewall County Tax Assessor

Travis Ware, Attorney (Boss of Suzie Shay)

Lyle Layne Walker

Sonia Walker

Scott Wheatley, Attorney for Jackson Walker Law Firm, Ft. Worth, Mr. Wheatley's website brags the following: "As lead counsel, he successfully obtained summary judgment on behalf of landowners and at trial obtained a significant award for attorney's fees in a dispute over the title to over 6000 acres of Texas ranch land. The court of appeals dismissed plaintiffs' appeal of the judgment."


Can the above claim be attributed to good lawyering or were there other factors at play?

Memo from Jackie Keenan:

 In the interest of keeping the record straight, Mr. Wheatley knows this case was NOT a dispute over title but a dispute over fraud caused by the Executor of the Estate, John Denison and Attorney Isaac Castro.

 One act discovered in mid 2008 in which John Denison and Isaac Castro caused the fraudulent act of transfer of the ranch's 6,200 acres to Boone Pickens through smoke and mirror tactics. Mr. Castro had IRS tax forms doctored, removing Bob Denison as a qualified heir in the estate to the IRS. Documents were required by the IRS to satisfy the inheritance tax lien placed on the property in 2000. In the doctored documents created within 30 days of the closing to Mr. Pickens in 2004, Bob Denison was erased as a qualified heir. This act was committed with the assistance of Alamo Title Company's agent, Consolidated Abstract. Wheatley's above statement implies they WON the appeal and that is so not the case.  In fact in early 2010 Mr. Wheatley told another attorney Bob hired to try to negotiate a settlement and stop the madness that he was aware if Bob filed an appeal more than likely Bob would win it. Unfortunately, no one would agree to come to the table.  More about this part of the case at a different place on this site

With concerted effort, joining forces WITH John Denison, Isaac Castro, and all the buyers including Boone Pickens, bankrolled by Alamo Title Insurance Bob Denison was run out of money in 2008 and was forced to proceed pro se. During the same time frame they arranged to have Bob's attorney, Lamar Treadwell arrested on the Stonewall County Courthouse steps for allegedly assaulting the agent for Alamo Title, senior citizen and aged owner of Consolidated Abstract, Dorothy Dickerson. This was all done on the very day then sitting judge, Judge Weldon Kirk, severed and abated Pickens and his buyers from participating in the suit Bob had filed against John Denison, Isaac Castro, and Hamlin National Bank for their role in Bob losing the family ranch. See Attached

Can a title company be held liable for aiding and abetting with people who have openly committed a crime, with the courts repeatedly looking the other way? After having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending the theft of his inheritance, Bob was forced to go it alone, pro se. That's about the time Judge Prohl became the sitting judge (indicted for fraud and then was replaced by Governor Rick Perry Appointee, Stephen Ables, Kerrville. Judge Ables said "I don't want to hear about the fraud." See page on Judges

Judge Ables awarded legal fees against Bob in the amounts of $200,000 to Mr. Castro and $450,000 to Mr. Wheatley's law firm, with proceeds to be reimbursed to Alamo Title. Bob Denison, the beneficiary, was forced to have to sell the small remainder of his family's ranch at a Sheriff's Sale for pennies on the dollar. When Bob asked for a little time to sell his remaining property at market price he was told no.

Judge Ables threatened that if Bob filed an appeal Bob's Trust would have to pay an additional $60,000.  Bob filed a notice of appeal and then realizing that as pro se he could not accomplish much more, so he threw in the towel and cancelled the appeal.  Want to know the sad part?  Wheatley and Castro BOTH forced Bob to pay the extra $60,000 for simply filing the notice of appeal and no more.  I begged Mr. Wheatley and through him to Castro, who I knew would not give grace, but I had hoped Mr. Wheatley would at least show some compassion and persuade Alamo Title/Chicago Title to forgive that amount.  Nope.  Land had to be sold to satisfy that extra $ perk to them. 

Alamo Title's role was to aide John Denison and Isaac Castro in their defense for fraud. At critical times in this case, Mr. Pickens flipped the property repeatedly. Alamo Title was the insurer for the title each for each flip; generating millions of dollars in potential liability should Bob Denison be able to prove the fraud. Please read the attached>>

Hamlin National Bank, Gary Ford President showed up at the Sheriff's sale with his video camera to document the sale.

Marvin Vahlenkamp, First National Bank of Aspermont

Mark Zachary (3rd ad litem attorney for BD's kids)

"What you will see in the days to come will be a pathetic game of finger-pointing, lying and dodging blame. I have just given you the names and some of the faces of those responsible. Go after them, listen to their lies. This did not have to happen." --John Grisham "The Confession"

This case has been a willful disregard for Bob Denison's civil rights as well as the rights of his trust as a beneficiary.







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