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Power is a seductive Vixen. Elected officials often believe they are above the law, act as compatriots sometimes operating with unlimited authority and trample on the civil rights of the citizens of our country.




Billy John Edwards, currently District Attorney for Jones County (Hamlin, TX). Retired Judge from Taylor County (Abilene, TX).

Hamlin is the home town of Isaac Castro. When I called to talk to now D. A. Billy John Edwards to investigate the actions of Isaac M. Castro, he told me he was TOO OLD to get involved in something as complex as Castro's role in the Fraud to the IRS and he was not interested in pursuing it. He further said he was retired for the most part and only worked part time. Signed, sigh: Jackie Keenan

Texas State Governor, Rick Perry

County Tax Collector Jim Ward

Attorney Bruce Medley and his firm Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, contracted by the Stonewall County taxing authorities (and many other taxing authorities around the State of Texas) to collect delinquent taxes in the County's interest, has displayed the appearance of acting in bias against tax payer Bob Denison and in the interest for the delinquent tax payer John Wayne Denison in his role as executor for the estate of Ida Baldwin Denison, in my opinion.

There is an unhealthy relationship between the attorney for the taxing authority of Stonewall County, Jim Ward and perhaps County Judge Bobby McGough, who are fully aware of the gross negligence of John Wayne Denison acting as the executor and as having an undivided 50% interest in assets originating from the Estate of Ida Baldwin Denison with respect to unpaid and delinquent taxes year after year after year. The question BEGS to be asked is Mr. Medley operating under a local elected County official's direction that though John Denison has displayed despicable representation to the County while acting as executor for the estate AND as the elected Constable for Stonewall County.  

Mr. Medley repeatedly claimed to the court he "does not have a dog in the fight", yet he sat on the side of John Denison in his suit against John Denison and more importantly filed dismissals of tax suits against John Denison and Bob Denison while at the same time failing to disclose the dismissal to Bob Denison. Bob was the beneficiary yet the tax office sued Bob personally, forcing him to hire attorneys to represent him in the suit.  Hearings were held on those matters. Repeatedly and in secret Bruce Medley filed dismissals for the suits of non payment of taxes when John Denison aided and abetted by Hamlin National Bank and Isaac Castro quickly paid the taxes in question once Bob became notified.  This didn't just happen once.  It happened repeatedly.  

Bruce Medley gained permission from the court not to have to appear in court once John paid the delinquent taxes with the understanding the tax suit dismissal was set aside and not dismissed. In September of 08, at the time that Jackson Walker Law Firm replaced Andrews Kurth, it was arranged for Bruce Medley, who had been long gone in the case, to appear in Court and stand against Bob Denison in court. Despite Medley's non appearance and full lack of knowledge of Judge Kirk's growing episodes of dementia and/or onset of Alzheimer, Medley’s behavior is suspect to say the least.  Judge Kirk passed away less than a year later.





Chief of Police, Rule Tx Alan Beard


39th District Attorney, Mike Fouts

Taylor County DA, James Eidsen


6-30-08 Judge Kirk ordered the attorney Paul Raddich and his clients Boone Pickens and his down stream of buyers referred to as "Intervenors" severed and abated from Bob Denison's case of fraud and other acts.  The Intervenors attorney fees were paid for by Alamo Title Insurance Company to protect Alamo Title's substantial investment of having issued title insurance policies to Pickens and all the down stream buyers and their lenders, millions of dollars in claims.  Andrews Kurth, a large law firm out of Houston was represented by Paul Radich, (see Cast of Characters).  It is important an investigator research the law firm of Andrews Kurth and their role in the political arena regarding judges and other elected officials.

7-9-08 Alamo Title Insurance agent, owner of Consolidated Abstract Company accused Bob's attorney of assaulting her. According to the body of the complaint her sworn statement said the assault occurred on 6-16-08.  3 weeks later AFTER Judge Kirk said he was severing and abating Boone Pickens et al on June 30, 1008. Click here to see attached.

7-11-08 Court Hearing scheduled with Judge Kirk.  

7-14-08 Bob's attorney Lamar Treadwell was arrested as he entered the Stonewall County Courthouse.  They waited until he was on the Courthouse steps to attend a hearing set by Judge Kirk. This was the same day Judge Kirk signed the Severance and Abatement order.  Click here to view attachment.


7-28-08 I, Jackie Keenan went to the office of Jim Ward elected official as the County Tax Assessor and evidently keeper of the voters registered to vote in Stonewall County and asked for a list of all the registered voters in Stonewall County.  

7-28-08 Nikki Gholson, a 'floater' employee in the courthouse was working in the Stonewall County Clerks office and whose desk was the most visible desk to all who entered the County Clerks office.  Above her desk was a campaign poster with photo of Isaac Castro regarding his campaign for the 85th District State Representative position.  During a deposition in which an enormous clerks record was brought in to compare against what Castro had distributed to Bob's attorney, she came in with it and specifically said "I trust Isaac" referencing the care of the document.  

Jim Ward, elected official, when I went to his office to request a copy of the voter's registration list, he soon thereafter reported my request to attorney Isaac Castro who by the way, was running for Texas State Representative for the 85th District to which Stonewall County was a part of.  The elections were to be held in November 2008.  The questions begs to be asked, why would an elected County official run interference for the attorney representing John Denison who had defaulted on the estate's taxes for 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and had filed at minimum 3 tax suits against him?

8-7-08 Castro, representing himself, Hamlin National Bank, John Denison and the Estate of Ida Baldwin Denison, filed suit against Bob, myself, and Bob's attorney. Instead of filing the suit in the same case he collaborated (my opinion) with either Andrews Kurth or Jackson Walker law firms to file suit in the same court but with the sitting judge, Shane Hadaway asking for a restraining order against us all. This suit can be attributed to the tattling of elected official Jim Ward to Isaac Castro in my request for public information.  See attached.








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