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The photos depicted here were taken in 2000 when Bobby made arrangements to view the contents of the house, not so much to view the condition of the structure. The trip was a waste of time for them.  John Denison’s cohort, highway patrolman Gary Johnson was there and upon their arrival officer Johnson pulled Bobby aside and let him know “people had been known to disappear around here”.   When Bobby and his attorney, my daughter Suzie Shay, entered the premises they found light bulbs removed, candles were burning and dark covers over the windows so that you could barely see inside.  Castro had insisted that I not be able to attend this viewing. These photos were taken 2 years before the mediation. Castro insisted at the mediation the condition of the house was the same as in 2002. Bob was not allowed to visit the property at the time of the mediation, being told John's wife Sonia was ill with female problems and could not be disturbed.  We later learned John Denison and his family had vacated the premises may be as early as the first of 2002 versus June 2002, and perhaps earlier than that.  This is important because this was an act of deliberate concealment by attorney Castro and Constable John Denison.




The pickup photo is of the 1999 Dodge Pickup that John bought using Estate funds. This photo was taken in May 2000. A few months later, John fired Joe Perez, age 54 who had been a 19 year employee for the ranch.  After Joe got fired he and his wife contacted Bobby and Bobby arranged for Suzie to take Joe’s statement as to how he got fired. That is a story unto itself and certainly worth the telling, another non disclosure by John Denison or his attorney Isaac Castro.  Joe told Bobby that John knew Bobby was coming to see the ranch so Johnny took the pickup out into the field to deliberately get it dirty to show Bobby that Johnny was a working man. Johnny got the truck stuck and had a hard time getting it out of the mud.  He then called Joe to come with the tractor to pull him out of the mud. Signed:  Jackie Keenan





Hazardous conditions while cleaning out the Rayner Courthouse, removing all of John Denison's trash. The one picture is of a bee hive attached to the house and has since moved into the walls of the Courthouse. There was a hive identical to it on the other side of the house. The rattler was positioned right by where you climb into the pickup. The truck you see is of a gentleman we hired who professed to do Odd jobs. After one day of work he wrote a note saying he would not be coming back, after a rat ended up in his truck. He said with the wasps, snakes, skunks, bees and wasps, this was not a job he was willing to continue.

Condition of first story of Rayner Courthouse left by John Denison and wife. There was no electricity and we had earlier hired someone to board the windows all around as vandals were breaking the windows with trash from the house that John left behind.






In case you are wondering what these photos are of, it is rat poop.







Memo from Jackie:  These photos were taken in the Fall of 2005 of the upstairs of the Rayner Courthouse.  Despite being in a lawsuit whereby Bob was not accepting ownership in behalf of the trust of the Rayner Courthouse, we grew concerned about the awful condition John and his wife left the property.  We felt some form of preservation was needed in the interest of all if John the executor and as administrator of the estate was not going to take care of it.   

In 2005 we began to remove the horrendous amount of trash on the 2nd story of the interior of the Rayner Courthouse. We were concerned that due to the substantial amount of trash the weight could eventually cause harm, not to mention harbor unwanted critters.  Signs of vagrants were already there.  It is important to note that the bulk of what John Denison and his wife left behind in the way of furniture or knick knacks was broken or damaged.  There were no dishes or other kitchen paraphernalia, except a few things no one would want, Trash was deliberately strewn through out the house, most particularly was old cancelled banking checks of Bob's scattered all over as well as old copies of his real estate license 'strategically placed'.  On this visit, we were there two weeks at our own expense, working in a cold dark house, rat infested, with mold, skunks, rattle snakes, wasps and bees.  Not all got taken care during this visit of but we managed to put a dent in it.  We did not get to the down stairs until 2 years later.  On November 2, 2010 after the bulk of the remainder of the ranch sold at a sheriff's sale to pay Castro's attorney fees as well as Boone Pickens purchasers' attorney fees, punished for trying to right the wrong of the theft of his estate.  John Denison had the audacity to say that I placed all this trash in the house, including lugging it upstairs, just so I could say this was the trash he left behind. 

Before we finished in 2005 AND 2007 the cost to remove and haul off all the trash was in excess of $10,000.00.








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